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Simran Priyadarshini
(ODM MUN 2019 Participant)

Last year I attended my 3rd MUN which was organised by our ODM PUBLIC SCHOOL. It was an enthralling and zestful experience. ODMMUN has been in the vanguard since last 2yrs. It's an appreciable platform not only for the youth to raise their voice on consequential matters but also to bring revolution in the society. As we grapple with the surge in Covid cases it has completely changed our lives. It has brought lives to a cease, but ODM has perceived that " THE COMEBACK IS ALWAYS BETTER THAN SETBACK “. During this hardship too ODM has not let its code of ethics down. So, with all new zeal it is all set to start the e-ODMMUN. And with this spirit we should ensure to have a better secured connection with proper coordination and the most important is to have individual contribution to make it a grand success.