Official's Message


Dr. S.Minaketan

Dear Delegates,
It is my proud privilege to present the 4th edition of ODMMUN. The last three conferences were extremely invigorating and enriching in their experiences and the participants, whether delegates, OC members, EB members or mere spectators, have carried back wonderful memories. This year we are again gearing up for a grand offline experience after the online MUN in 2020,which was conducted due to the pandemic.We have designed ODMMUN 2022 to continue ODM’s legacy of extended learning beyond classrooms.I welcome all the delegates, EB members, OC members, parents, teachers and well-wishers to be a part of this innovative journey and amass a learning for a lifetime.

Mrs. Indumati Ray

“The present is the new future and the youth is its flag bearer”

We need diplomatic skills to address global challenges such as poverty, pollution, war, hunger and deforestation that confront us. ODM-MUN aims to train minds to be flexible, to propose constructive solutions even for those that one disagrees with and also to analyse all possible stances. It will also provide an avant-garde platform for simulation. This simulation will provide transformative learning opportunities and excellent communication skills as well as ability to decide in the lines of compromise and cooperation. This will prepare the youth for leadership in the future making them true flag bearers.
Vice Principal

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Padhy

I am immensely delighted at the hosting of ODMMUN by ODM Educational Group. At the time when globalization and intellectual frontiers are expanding phenomenally, there comes ODMMUN forward with international stamping in the domain of innovative learning.
Such an event is certainly an eye-opener for the young generation into their global march in the days to come, in terms of generating broader thinking, factual analysis, and personality sharpening along with the development of their communicative acumen.
I am sure, this event is going to be a boon for every ODMian concerned. I extend my blessings for the success of this occasion while wishing high returns for every student of the Institution out of the mega event, delicately planned for effective execution. God bless all!
Vice Principal

Mrs. Jhinuk DuttaRay

Blessed are we with certain gifts of academics linked to social integration and enlightenment, at a time when we are crossed with value degradation and attitudinal pollution. ODMMUN which aims to be a catalyst in the process of transforming miasmic existence to holistic one, is definitely praise worthy.
War has detrimental effects on society. It includes mass destruction of cities and has long lasting effects on a country’s economy. Our society needs relief from the tension of waging war every now and then. Thus, youngsters should come forward to participate in events such as ODMMUN where they are getting exposure to international politics at a very young age. The students, who act as delegates from different countries, learn how to share a moral responsibility towards achieving a global nation -“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” i.e. World is one family.
The initiatives undertaken by ODM Educational Group in living up to the global levels of institutional expectations through organizing ODMMUN is laudable from every corner of academic forefronts. Let such efforts be taken to new heights success not only this year, but in allied undertakings in the years to come. It is true that enlightened creativity pays both to the Institution and to all the stakeholders associated. I wish all the best to everyone associated with this program and hope we arrive at what we dreamt of- a better tomorrow with an enlightened youth.