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Lichi Prabha Mohapatra

Hi Everyone!

This is Lichi Prabha Mohapatra and I am honoured and excited to share my experience with the next generation of young leaders. I served as the Charge D’ Affaires in the organizing committee of ODMMUN 2019.
First, let me ask what is MUN? Model UN is a diplomatic discussion where students play the role of delegates. They attempt to solve and discuss real-world issues with policies and perspectives of their assigned countries. As a part of ODMMUN 2019, I saw students drafting resolutions, plotting strategy, and negotiating with their allies. I saw students participating in MUN were nervous to sit in the committee and take part in the discussion in the beginning but eventually, they developed leadership skills, research, writing, public speaking, and problem-solving skills. Being a part of the organizing committee, Model UN helped us to grow into leaders, discover our futures, become confident in ourselves, and form a lasting relationship with people from different regions. While participating in MUN we acted as global citizens and trust me MUN is fun. It will expand your mind to everything.
We at ODMMUN, promote a culture of discourse, negotiation, teamwork, and compromise. In the world of conflict, I feel we need to create a future generation that is civilized, intelligent, and patient enough to overcome the conflicts that are yet to come without violence, bloodshed, and enmity. Model UN trains today’s students to tomorrow’s leaders.
So, join us this year at ODM MUN 2022 for an amazing MUN experience.
Lichi Prabha Mohapatra, CDA (ODMMUN 2019)