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Director General

I am Sparkling Baby the previous year Director General of the enlightened three days event of ODMMUN 2K19. I was privileged to be a part of our friendly and United ODMMUN Team. My interest in UN started when i was in standard 9th and still then many of my humble achievements and memories are related to MUNs, apparently i do claim that MUN are the best place to get confidence in yourself. ODM gave me the chance to be in the OC and you know what!? Those few days of working with everyone were the most valuable yet the versed days. Especially the atmosphere of ODMMUN gave me energy. Our advisor, secretary general and teachers guided us with the best. As Director General organizing the meeting rooms, having check on all materialistic things, managing events and many more was FUN as well as a feeling of self-reliant. MUN are the best place to gain knowledge, make new friends, know new culture, grow speaking skills, be social and what not!!!! I have an amazing feeling during the conference.